Cucina Sorella

Cucina Sorella was born from a distinct passion for wholesome home cooking and the notion that the food we consume should be treasured and shared with family and friends.

I am the eldest of three sisters. My family is my world. My mother’s roots are Italian. Sorella means sister in Italian!

It’s my thought that fast-food can still mean good-food! In this busy ol’ world we live in I’m happy to do the cooking when you don’t want to!

I am a maker of artisan baked goods, wholesome salads and vintage inspired cakes & pastries. I use local and seasonal produce, organic and fair-trade where possible. I am so proud of where I live – Faversham in Kent – that, where I am able, I theme my food with the changing of the season’s offerings from local farms & harbours.

I trade at farmers markets, food markets & small festivals of the British south east, but I also offer private and events catering for parties, weddings, all manner of celebrations.