Open Faversham

Open Faversham

Celebrating the best of Faversham’s culture and heritage

About Open Faversham

Best of Faversham is taking part in an initiative called Open Faversham, which is celebrating the rich culture and heritage of this historic, medieval, market town of kings!

The campaign runs from the 12th until the 20th August and various locations and organisations across Faversham are taking part.  Organised by the Faversham Society, visitors will be able to enjoy Open Faversham’s timetable of exhibitions, displays, talks, walks and more.

Best of Faversham at Open Faversham

On the 19th August, Best of Faversham will also be part of the Open Faversham initiative.  The market hosts a fabulous selection of local artists, creatives, makers and producers and by highlighting these traders and their skills and expertise, we can also celebrate the town’s culture.

When visiting Best of Faversham on the 19th August, visitors can:

On a regular Best of Faversham Market you will find specialists in glassware, silversmithing, woodwork, slipware and pottery making, printing, jewellery making, sewing, sculpting and moulding, painting and drawing, photography, baking and cooking, preserving, growing and more.

Visiting the Best of Faversham Market during Open Faversham is the ideal way to celebrate the role Faversham Market has played for hundreds of years in showcasing local skills and creativity.

About Best of Faversham

Best of Faversham takes place in Preston Street in Faversham on the first and third Saturday of the month and is open from 9am until 3pm.

On the 19th August, we are delighted to be celebrating the best of Faversham’s heritage and culture as part of the Open Faversham initiative.

For more information visit Open Faversham’s website