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“It’s not an ordinary candle, It’s a whole new experience.”

At Candle Wise, they believe in more than just crafting candles; they create experiences. Their  creations are not ordinary; they believe each one is a testament to their dedication, craftsmanship, and the sheer love for what they do.

Based in the picturesque Benenden-Kent, Candle Wise is an award-winning family-run entity that stands proud on its traditions while constantly evolving with the times. Their candles are more than just an amalgamation of ingredients. They’re a blend of creativity, tradition, and modernity.

Quality Ingredients:  Candle Wise uses premium coconut wax, a testament to their dedication to the environment and ensuring a clean burn. All their ingredients are carefully sourced from local UK producers.

Handcrafted Perfection: Every product is handcrafted, designed, and produced in small batches.

Sustainability: From sourcing to production, Candle Wise ensures their footprint is green.

Diverse Range: They don’t just make candles.  Their diverse product range includes Container and Pillar Candles, Scoopable Melts, Air Fresheners, Room Diffusers, Wax Lanterns, Candle Holders, Incenses, and a multitude of other captivating creations.

Candle Wise trades on Best of Faversham Market.