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Kate Makes Chocolates

I live in Selling and I make fresh, handmade and yummy chocolates and have been making and selling them at local markets and for events since 2006.

The chocolates are big, bold, beautiful and bursting with natural fresh flavours.

I have a range of 20 flavours to choose from, you can buy them loose in a bag and there is no minimum purchase. Alternatively you can buy them in attractive special handmade boxes of 4,6,9 or 16.I use real fruit and cream and the chocolates are popular as an after dinner treat with coffee or an alternative pudding!

The flavours appeal to a wide range of ages, half my flavours are non alcoholic. I do seasonal flavours such as pear and mulled wine at christmas and rhubarb spring/summer and use crystalized primroses when they are in bloom. I use only the top quality ingredients and fruit available locally when ever possible or even from my own garden.