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Nice Buns

All tray bakes – brownies, flapjacks, rocky road, shortbread, fruity sponges including the legendary lemon drizzle – are £15 for a tray. These cut into 20 market size pieces, though you can cut them (or have them cut) to any number of pieces you choose.

Whole round cakes start at £22 for a 9″ plain filled two-layer cake. For a piped and sprinkled top it’s £25. The more layers, the more filling, the more piping, sprinkling and glittering you have, obviously the price rises, up to a 12″ three layer buttercreamed sides and top, all singing, all dancing with sprinkles at £60.

Cupcakes in a whole host of different flavours.

All my cakes are baked fresh to order, so you can easily freeze them if you like.  If you don’t want a whole tray bake to yourself – of course you want one! – you could see if friends or neighbours want to share with you, I’m happy to deliver to several addresses. I’m also happy to chat through which bakes have the best keeping qualities.

The easiest way to contact Nice Buns is via Facebook messenger or by texting 07777 668506 so we can arrange to speak.